Class of 2016 gets thrown an academic curveball


I was fine with being in the Class of 2016 when we had to take CAPT. I didn’t mind being in the Class of 2016 when we had to write our research papers sophomore year. I was even fine with being in the Class of 2016 when we were only given one morning to sleep in instead of the customary two weeks.

Then I found out about SBAC: the new standardized test that takes place in the middle of May.

That’s when I broke. That’s when I realized being in the Class of 2016 stinks.

If you didn’t know already, May can be a pretty busy month for us juniors. Between studying for the last SATs and ACTs, AP tests, preparing for finals, finishing extracurriculars and figuring out future plans, the stresses of junior year come to a crescendo around this time. But now to add to those highly pressured obligations comes SBAC, a new national and standardized test that, according to its website, “can provide information and tools for teachers and schools to improve instruction and help students succeed.” With little preparation and no idea of the format of the test, students including myself are at a loss.

I certainly realize that the government needs a way to track its teachers’ progress and to improve the education system, but do juniors need to take part in that, especially a year after we had to take a two-week, strenuous and similar test? For me, while CAPT was unenjoyable, it’s something we should’ve had to do. However, to do something like it two years in a row during one of the most stressful months of high school is absurd and has led me to one conclusion: being in the Class of 2016 stinks.