Clean your way into spring

While the weather outside may not be the blue skies and pink and orange and yellow flowers that most are hoping for at this time of year, there is one way you can make it feel more like spring: spring cleaning! 

Here are some tips on how to spring-clean the right way, from a girl who refuses to sit at her desk and do her homework unless her room is spotless and eats her sour patch kids in rainbow-color order.

 1. Make your bed

A bed made is like medicine for a messy room. Once your bed is made, everything else looks easier to conquer. Also, your bed can serve as a folding platform for clothing and as a spot for items with no place in the middle of a whole-room cleaning session. That way, too, you can’t go to sleep until you’ve put everything in it’s place!

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2. Start with your closet.

This way, when you get to cleaning up other parts of your room, like drawers and underneath your bed, you will have room in your closet to put leftovers. While you’re cleaning your closet, get rid of the clothes you haven’t worn in a while. Give them to Goodwill or to a lucky friend. Keep two big trash bags right by your side: one for actual trash and one for give-aways. Outfit your closet with some sort of organizational system (like the shelves shown below) installed so that there’s a place for everything.

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3. Fold the clothes you do still wear, and fold them well.

Folding your clothes is the only way to keep them truly organized. That way, if you’re searching for that bright blue shirt, you’ll be able to slip it right out of the pile without disrupting any of your other shirts.

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4. Actually clean, don’t just clean out.

Personally, I reccomend using Mr. Clean multi-purpose cleaner with Febreze. Clean your windows, the top of your desk, even your lampshade. When you clean out your drawers, make sure to wipe down the inside of those, too. You’ll see that there’s more dust floating around your room than you think.

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Hopefully these tips will help you feel more springy inside, regardless of the weather outside.