Zayn Malik leaves one direction fans heartbroken

The Confessions of a Closeted Directioner

Zayn Malik leaves one direction fans heartbroken

I’m reluctant to admit it, but I’m a closeted Directioner. Well maybe not so closeted anymore.

And I couldn’t be more upset over the announcement of Zayn leaving the band.

On March 25, Zayn Malik left One Direction and the band will never be the same.

In April 2010 five vocalists named Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and of course Zayn joined together to become the infamous group known as One Direction.

At the time when they made their big debut, I was stuck in my awkward middle school years of crushing on everything and anything.

From the second they sang ‘What Makes You Beautiful,’ I was starstruck.

This summer I danced all night to the best songs ever under the lights at Gillette Stadium and fell in love with those five boys all over again.

I looked around the concert and saw twenty-year-olds screaming their hearts out, little girls decked out in One Direction apparel from head to toe and even a few dads who were dragged there, crack a smile.

Their five dynamic personalities are what make One Direction so special. Without Zayn, the band is losing a core part of their band.

Not only did he bring his vocals to the band but his edgy personality and contagious smile.

Zayn Malik leaving is the end of a generation. Their most recent album ‘Four’ is gaining a new meaning, just four guys.

At the age of  22 years old he has decided that he wants to kiss goodbye to his pop-star life and live life as a, “normal 22 year old.”

As sad as I am, their millions of fanatic tween fans are and even a few other people, the world will live on without One Direction.

And I hate to admit it, but it will be a little bit of a sadder place.