The forgotten crisis known as ISIS

Photo by Staff Sgt. Daniel St. Pierre from

On the same day that the infamous black and blue, or possibly gold and white, dress mystified people around the globe, ISIS ruthlessly destroyed an entire museum full of precious ancient artifacts that had been collected over centuries.

Yet the dress is what went viral.

Articles from CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post and USA Today covered the internet going into in-depth theories of why the dress appeared different for each and every person.

Even within our own Staples community, everyone was infatuated with the mystery of the dress: students debated in the sandwich line, teachers set class time aside to discuss it and the dress was plastered across every form of social media.

But no one breathed a word about the crisis that was occurring in Iraq due to ISIS.

To put it simply, we’d rather debate something positive, like the dress rather than the terrifying truth of the economic crisis, the major gaps in Obamacare and most importantly ISIS.

ISIS has mercilessly beheaded 289 human beings for something as basic as people who didn’t agree with the mission of ISIS.

ISIS has shown time and time again that they aren’t targeting one specific group.

Yet the fact stands that those in Westport aren’t all that concerned with what goes on overseas in Iraq.

I’ll admit that when I log into Buzzfeed, I scroll over the article titled, “Air Strike kills at least 17 ISIS Militants in Iraq” because I would much rather read “12 Times Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl spoke the truth.”

The truth is that I can relate to Blair Waldorf, and ISIS is an idea that seems so far away, a concept that I’m unable to grasp.

Its unbelievable to think that a man known as ‘Jihadi John’ a man who has an ordinary upbringing in the United Kingdom could become the face of the group ISIS and its main executioner.

But maybe it’s time that we try to comprehend what’s going on overseas with ISIS because pretending that nothing is actually happening doesn’t make the problem go away.

Those 289 people that died, and the more executions to come, won’t be undone if we choose to ignore the problem.

The beauty behind the dress is that while it was a perplexing problem, almost instantly the mystery was solved with a simple scientific solution.

The problems with ISIS aren’t perfectly packaged or have a simple solution, but it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be attempted to be solved or at the very least discussed.