Junior stress levels run through the roof

People say that junior year is the scariest year of high school, but I’m here to let you in on a little secret: the fear of junior year is knowing that senior year is right around the corner.  Senior year is the time when we have to make some of the biggest decisions of our lives, and that is truly nerveracking.

The thought that in a year I’m going to have to decide my college and my potential future career is terrifying because I can’t even decide between rye and wheat bread on my sandwich.

Seniors post videos of them crying as they open the acceptance letters to the schools of their dreams, which makes me so incredibly jealous.

All I want is to be a second semester senior, with my only care in the world being losing a feather off my boa or blowing my whistle loud enough.

I cross my fingers each day hoping that I will have the magical moment when I finally discover who I am and where I’m going in life.

But when I think of myself in two years, I have no idea who I’ll be.

Maybe I’ll be off studying in some remote country or learning my best scare tactics at Monster University.

But right now, I have to make decisions about the size, location and majors of a college.

The worst part is that I’m completely clueless.

On college tours, there’s always that one mom who has a question about every little thing: the food, the housing, even the blue light  system, which I swear is the same on every campus.

However, I can’t even form the words to ask one question, and I’m supposed to be the one going to college, not that mom.

All I can do is pray that, one year from now, I’ll be ready to take this big bad world by storm because it’s waiting for me whether I’m ready or not.