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Staples’ snow day strategies

By the time students and teachers found out about the snow day on Monday, most were already awake and dressed, and some were actually at or on the way to school.

The late decision drew a lot of criticism, especially since many teachers face long commutes made more difficult by bad conditions.

With another storm predicted tonight and Jacob Meisel’s Southwestern CT Weather already declaring an 80% chance of a snow day, some students are considering how tomorrow morning is going to play out.

“I’m going to stay in a bed a little later just in case he calls it late,” said Alexis Iannacone ’14 who was already on her way to school on Monday when she got a text about the cancellation.

A poll of Staples students showed that bout 78% agree with this tactic, saying they are going to delay waking up or wait until the last minute before leaving in case there is another late phone call.

Rachel Beck ’15 is taking the middle path, prepared for all possibilities.

“I’m probably going to do my homework tonight, but I won’t set my alarm tomorrow,” Beck said. “If there is school, I’ll have my mom wake me up.”

Parents made good alarm clocks in this situation: they will adjust to the snow day decision. The poll showed 46% of Staples students plan to have their parents wake them up if there is school.

Of course, some people think the whole situation would be simplified if Superintendent Elliott Landon made his decision quicker.

“I think he should just call it earlier this time,” said Victoria Loiacono ‘14

Of the students polled, 81% are expecting a snow day tomorrow, but with Landon’s reputation in mind, 78% have made plans in case of a late decision.

One anonymous respondent has a strategy to cover all possibilities.

“I’m not going to school,” the student wrote. “Landon’s decisions are irrational and dangerous.”

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Megan Root
Megan Root, News Editor
Megan Root ’15, never stops running, whether it is on the soccer field or chasing a story. She began her Inklings career her second half of junior year as a staff writer and has recently transitioned into a position as a news editor. Before Inklings she was an avid reader of the New York Times who loved politics and education. To Root, one of the main attractions of the paper was it gave her the opportunity to discover more about her school and community. “It gives you cover, you are not just a random person asking questions you are a reporter asking questions.” To Root the interview is the key to the story. After every interview she writes down all of the interesting quotes and pieces of information she took away. It is from this information that she tries to find the story. One piece she wrote that she believes best showcases her ability to do this is Genders split over weight-training. Although the story was originally supposed to be about how some teams were getting more time in the weight room than others, she discovered that the boys’ teams just wanted more time in the weight whereas the girls teams did not. Root has some personal experience with sports, as a varsity athlete and senior captain of the girls varsity soccer team at Staples. She says when she was about three years old her older brother, who also played soccer, started to teach her. And she was marked for success right from the start, “My first game...nobody else really knew how to play, so I had this really unfair advantage, and I scored twelve goals my first game.” She continued that success through high school, making the varsity team her freshman year and becoming captain her junior year.  

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