Indecision over early dismissal

As the snow was falling, and actually sticking, outside the thick windows of Staples High School, the students were warm and safe inside. For now, at least.

With the snowfall increasing by the minute, everyone has the same question on mind: what is the right call to make? As school is already in session, the current possibilities for schedule alterations are limited to an early dismissal, which would be 11:40.

“I don’t want it to be dangerous on the roads,” Fleur Byrne ’17 said.

Students have already begun to notice the danger of the transportation between school and their homes.

“On the radio on the bus, they were saying ‘drive carefully’ and there was a lot of ice on the road,” Laura Germishuys ’17 said.

However, it seems that students have already taken advantage of the weather, as stragglers coming in before 7:45 am were not marked tardy due to the amount of late busses.

“Any little snow flake or rain drop everybody thinks that they can use that as an excuse to be late,” Patty McQuone joked.

Although Principal John Dodig does not contribute to the decisionmaking process, he understands just how difficult the job is of Elliot Landon’s, the superintendent of Westport Public Schools.

“It’s one of those decisions where you can’t win. If you call it, people are angry. If you don’t call it people are angry,” Dodig said.

As the day continues, students and faculty alike will be anxiously awaiting the loudspeaker announcement, determining if there is an early dismissal. Landon must make the decision by 10 am so he can alert the cafeteria before lunch.

“Now what he must be toying with is if it’s safer to keep us here or send us home,” Dodig said.

This would not affect midterms, according to yesterday’s Inklings article.