Possible snow day could result in changes to midterm schedule

While some students hope for a snow day tomorrow, others are concerned on how an added snowday would affect the midterm schedule.

Assistant Principal Patrick Micinilio, who along with Principal Dodig is in charge of schedule changes, says midterms will start one day later if there is a snow day tomorrow. “If we have one snow day, the [midterm] schedule stays the same, if there’s two, it shifts one day, and if there are more than two, Mr. Dodig decides what happens.”

As of now, midterms are set to start on Friday, January 10th, and continue until Thursday, January 15th. The next day will be Make-up day, Friday will be a Staff Development Day and Monday is Martin Luther King Day, giving students a five day weekend. If there is a snow day tomorrow midterms will start Monday, January 13th.

As announced in the “Know Snow” Facebook page created by weather expert Scott Pecoriello ’15, there could be 4-5 inches of snow during the day. A post from yesterday said, “It certainly has the potential to affect school. Looks like it may drop 4+ inches of snowfall. Incredible start to the Winter season.”

According to Pecoriello, it is tough to make a call whether or not the Superintendent Landon will give us the snow day considering he will most likely decide on the media versus what happens.

“I give it a 40% chance right now, but it’s gonna be constantly changing. No delay or early dismissal because they would do nothing for us.” Scott Pecoriello ’15 said.

It has not been confirmed yet by Principal Dodig how  the midterm schedule will affect the five day weekend.

“It’s better because you have the entire weekend to study for exams, rather than starting on a Friday.” Cody Johnson ’15 said.

 Other students such as sophomores Olivia Consoli and Amanda Book said they don’t have an opinion on this. “I don’t really care, more time to study I guess,” Olivia Consoli ‘16 said.

Regardless of students’ and teacher’ mixed feelings about the possible change in the midterm schedule, the schedule will be shifted if there is one more snow day before midterms, perchance changing students studying schedule.

“Teaching, like acting, isn’t about acting; it’s about reacting. I’m confident that both teachers and students alike will manage.” said English teacher Alex Miller.