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Getting Credit

Nate Rosen

So many students take AP classes, and many of them take the AP test so they may receive credit at college, allowing students to either not take the class at college or be able to place in a higher class freshmen year.

Because different schools have different policies regarding AP credit, it is sometimes hard to know which AP tests to take, but there is a website that allows students to check if a college accepts AP credit for a particular class. Seniors who know what college they will attend can use this website to find out what AP tests they can get credit for while juniors can use the link to check the AP credit policies for colleges they are looking at.

On the website, students can simply search for a college and a chart will come up that shows if the college will award them credit and, if so, what score they would need on the AP test.

When she was a junior, Jill Rappaport ’13 took four AP classes and the four corresponding tests because she wanted the college credit.

However, this year, as a senior, Rappaport did not take all the AP tests for her AP classes. “I did not take the AP [English Literature] exam because my school only accepts either [AP English Language] or [AP English Literature], and I already have credit for the [AP English Language] test from junior year,” said Rappaport.

While Rappaport took the exams because she was looking for college credit, Jessica Riniti ’14 took the AP English Language exam this year because she thought all her practice and preparation from class would go to waste if she didn’t.

“Throughout the year, all the essays and multiple choice questions you do in class are the type of questions that will be on the real test,” said Riniti. “It is drilled into your brain that you’re going to take it. It would be more of an effort not to take it.”

See whether your AP tests will earn credit here. 

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About the Contributors
Andrea Frost, Breaking News Managing Editor
Andrea Frost ’15 is not only a great writer but a very committed dancer at Westport Company. She takes classes in just about every style of dance including ballet, jazz, modern, tap, and point. Though her favorite style of dance to perform is jazz. “It’s the most energetic and you get to be sassy, where with ballet you have many more restrictions,” Frost said. Being the dedicated dancer that she is, she is at the studio ten hours a week (not including her weekend morning classes) honing her skills. Though she doubts that she will bring her talent to a professional stage, she is passionate and hopes to keep dance a part of her life in anyway possible. Balancing dance and Inklings may be difficult, but Frost proves it possible since she is the Breaking News Managing Editor. Which can be attributed to never growing out of  always asking why. However, curiosity wasn’t what first drew Frost into advanced journalism. She said that it is the community that really is the benefit of the paper, going on to further add that it is similar to the company dancers at Westport Company. Possible due to the  close knit fabric of the paper and the friendly yet competitive atmosphere. Whether she is dancing in the Nutcracker or writing her latest piece for Inklings, Frost is passionate and feeds that passion into her writing.
Nate Rosen, Graphics Coordinator

When flipping through the pages of a freshly printed Inklings on a Friday morning at Staples, text, novelty-fonted headlines and especially graphics and pictures jump out to the Staples students and faculty. And a big applause is long overdue to senior Nate Rosen ’14, who is Graphics Editor in Chief this year and is the man behind a number of graphics in both the paper and web versions of Inklings.

 “It’s a creative outlet for me,” said Rosen ’14 who can be called an artist for his graphics and photos but claims he cannot draw for his life.

Doing graphics for Inklings since freshman year he has created numerous different visuals. One of his favorites is the banner for an article about The Great Gatsby. With gold and metal like textures the banner closely resembles the logo for the 2013 movie.

“That graphic I actually did on my own time, it was more for me,” said Rosen ’14.

Rosen claims that graphics is really a hobby for him; he could be on the Adobe software creating new graphics all day long. However it is easier to have an assignment for a graphic instead of creating the idea on his own.

But no matter how he gets the creative spark or how he creates his artwork, Rosen’s graphics will be printed and posted proudly in Inklings throughout the year.

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