Boys’ basketball conquers Bridgeport Central on senior night


Katherine Phelps ’25

The senior basketball players and senior cheerleaders pose with their parents after the senior award ceremony prior to the start of the game.

The Staples Wreckers boys’ basketball team dominated the Bridgeport Central Rams on senior night, Feb. 10, with a score of 67-51. The Wreckers showed tremendous skill and determination both on offense and defense, keeping everyone excited and entertained throughout the entirety of the game. The Wreckers are led by Chris Zajac ’23 and Cody Sale ’23, who have helped contribute to the successful 12-4 record this year. With Bridgeport Central’s loss, their record is now 4-11. 

Sale finished with a team-high total of 21 points. In addition, Zajac was constantly under the basket, making 20 out of their 67 points. A lot of the team’s success came from foul shots; both Sale and Zajac were fouled multiple times and they made almost all of their baskets. Another highlight was shooting-guard Sam Clachko ’26 with 3 three-pointers. 

To honor the seniors, a ceremony was hosted prior to the game’s start. All of the boys’ basketball seniors, as well as the senior cheerleaders, were escorted by their parents and had their names read out to the audience.  

It’s crazy that most of these kids have been working together for almost four years on the team and it’s bittersweet to see them go”

— Logan Noorily ’25

“It was great to see a bunch of different guys on the count,” Zajac said. “A bunch of seniors that don’t always play got some time, and it was overall a fun night.” 

Zajac won the opening tip off for the Wreckers, allowing a great start to the game. Central had scrappy defense for the first half, resulting in the final score of the first quarter to be 16-12 and the final score of the first half to be 33-23. 

“All of the players and the crowd were getting really into the game,” cheerleading captain Jenny Bradshaw ’23 said. “It was so nice to see so many people there to support the seniors.” 

The Wreckers get the rebound against Central as they quickly hurry back to complete one of their successful plays. (Photo by Katherine Phelps ’25)

Some spectators, such as Logan Noorily ’25, have been watching the boys’ basketball team for years and have seen the players improve. 

“It’s crazy that most of these kids have been working together for almost four years on the team and it’s bittersweet to see them go,” she said.

The second half of the game was what really drove the Wreckers to the finish line. With scoring 24 points in the third quarter, the team knew that their persistence and quick thinking on the court was paying off. There were many opportunities for players such as Sale and Zajac to get fouled in the lower paint because of Central’s aggressive defense, racking up more and more points as the game continued. 

The Wreckers have had many high scoring games this season and have put lots of effort and heart into every game. Their coach, David Goldshore, is proud of the way this team has grown.

“These nine kids not only care very much about each other, but also very much about everyone else in the program,” Goldshore said. “They’ve shown great leadership.”