Q & A with Marty Lisevick: Staples’ Athletic Director speaks about winter sports and beyond


Photo by Chelsea Strober ’21

Henry Beck ’21 receives the baton from Konur Nordberg ’21 at a track and field practice. The track team is continuing to compete at a high level in virtual meets while regarding the COVID-19 rules.

Athletic Director Marty Lisevick is the man behind the scenes who enables every Staples sports team to represent its community on the field or on the court. Lisevick offers his reflections on the winter season and looks to the future of Wrecker sports.

Could you speak a little bit about the planning process to ensure that the sports teams had a successful winter season?

“You name it – rules adjustments (mask wearing in basketball, etc), limiting fan attendance (originally none – now one parent per player), and reduction in schedule – no triple headers – only single games – all contributed to making this possible.”

What are the greatest challenges that Staples teams and the athletic department have faced in the winter season?

“There has been a need for patience (coaches, players, parents) with the change of expectations and the adjustments for this winter. Teams are used to playing in front of crowds and this has been a major adjustment.”

Is there any winter sports team that has particularly impressed you with its flexibility or ability to adapt to the pandemic rules?

“Everyone has been great – once you explain the reasoning for some of the changes most everyone has fallen in line.”

Overall, how would you characterize these past few months for Staples sports?

“The idea is to get everyone back to playing – that is the emphasis – everything else comes next.”

Looking forward to the spring season, what are you excited for and what are you concerned about?

“Very happy to start vaccinations this Wednesday [March 3] at Staples – huge step towards getting our spring sport back to normal as much as possible.”

Is there anything you want the student body to know about athletics this year?

“I am hopeful that we will have some sort of fans in attendance for this spring – more information to come.”