Players adapt to new protocol in practice and games

With the new announcement from the CIAC that the high school basketball season will be played this year, players are adjusting to the new protocols.
Some of the new rules included that the first practice could not be held until Jan. 19, and the first game cannot be held until Feb. 8. While this is different then the normal season, it makes it so that the regular season is held for one month before the start of the tournament.
“Honestly it just feels good that we’re going to have a season and get to show everyone what we could have done last year,” Justin Honig ’21 said.
After all of the uncertainty and wondering whether or not the season would be played, the CIAC is giving the seniors their one last chance at high school basketball. Because the players know the season could be canceled any moment with a positive COVID-19 case, the teams are taking all of the necessary precautions and trying to stay safe.
“It is a little weird to be practicing in masks,” captain Lucas Basich ’21 said, “but we know that wearing masks makes it safer for all of us and will help us to play the full season.”
The state tournament will be held from Feb. 13-28, and as of now, there will be no fans allowed to attend any games. This is another big change for the players, as not being able to play in front of a home crowd could be a big advantage or disadvantage for either team.
“I hope as many people can get the vaccine as possible before the state tournament so we can show our support in the stands,” hockey player Owen Sherman ’21 said.
Additionally, the players have been practicing in cohorts, meaning they can only practice with half of the team at a time.
“Practices are a little weird having half of the team practice at once and wearing masks,” Charlie Honig ’23 said, “but we are excited to have a season and will do whatever it takes.”