Thaw prepares to debut at Michigan


Photo by Shelley Burger

Jake Thaw ’20 playing football as a Staples Wrecker.

Jess Leon ’22

Jake Thaw’s ’20 first season in the Big 10 is on.
The Big 10 announced they will go on with having a modified football season despite COVID-19 concerns.
Thaw is a freshman on The University of Michigan football team. After months of endless work, they are finally able to see a future ahead of them.
“I’m definitely really excited to get my first season in as a freshman,” Thaw said, “but I’m more excited for the seniors and fifth year guys.”
Thaw and his team have been practicing six days a week even though they had to continue to keep their pads off until Sept. 30.
The excitement and anticipation the players and coaches have been feeling isn’t distracting them from following their safety protocols. In fact, it has made them even more cautious.
“We are getting tested twice a week, but that number is gonna become everyday as we get closer to the season,” Thaw said.
The Wolverines safety restrictions don’t stop once their practice time ends and they leave the field.
“We have a number of safety measures in the building too. Masks at all times, shields on our helmets, limited number of people in waiting rooms,” Thaw said.
Thaw is excited for his first season to begin and is confident with the program’s safety measures at place.
“We’re doing probably the best job in the country as far as safety,” he said.
If the Wolverines safety continues to exceed, they have a competitive season ahead. After last year’s 9-4 season, they want to keep improving. This season they will be playing all the teams from the Big 10. The first game is coming up on Oct. 24 versus Minnesota.
Although Thaw has hung up his Staples uniform and replaced it with a Michigan uniform, his knowledge from playing at Staples will forever be installed in him.
“Our last season [..] I just really learned a lot about football,” Thaw said. “That’s a big credit to Coach Adam for furthering my football knowledge.”