Staples girls volleyball team sweeps away St. Joes on senior night


Photo by Kylie Cohen '20

Staples girls’ volleyball plays against St. Joseph on their senior night winning 3-1.

The Staples girls’ volleyball team defeated St. Joseph,  3-1 on Oct. 23 at 7 p.m. 


Captains Jane Van Arsdale ’20, Mallory Legg ’20, Brianna Dwyer ’20 and other seniors led their team to victory on senior night. 


Van Arsdale contributed to her team greatly with 27 kills, 2 digs and 7 aces. Legg added onto that with 40 digs and 4 aces. 


Legg owes the victory to the unbreakable bonds they have with each other. 


“It’s not hard to notice how close we are and how much we love each other,” Legg said. “When we’re down a set in a big game, we still manage to support each other no matter what.” 


The game had an energetic and enthusiastic crowd which helped the girls stay motivated along with the senior girl posters up on the wall. Spectator, Jordan Schiffman ’22 enjoyed his time at the game hanging out with friends while watching his peers.


 “I love hanging out with other Staples students while cheering on the team,” Schiffman said. “The decorations are really cool also.”


During the third set, Staples was up 2-0 and the score was tied, 24-24. Students like Kathleen Cozzi ’20 were very intrigued and on the edge of their seat.


 “I like to support my friends on the team and this game is really important to them because it’s a special night for the seniors,” Cozzi said. 


Van Arsdale considers herself to be very close with her teammates which made senior night so special.


 “I think there’s just great chemistry and I’ve made some of my best friends on this team,” Van Arsdale said.


The team is currently at a record of 8-4. Social studies teacher and volleyball coach Jonathan Shepro was very impressed with the girls’ performance. 


“St. Joes is a tough team and we needed the win to keep our standing in the playoff race,” Shepro said. 


Team manager, Grace Taylor ’20 has been managing the team for three years now, so she has really seen the dynamic of the team. 


“I love how everybody works so well together and has such a good attitude,” Taylor said.