Girls’ soccer team bonds prior to season


Photo contributed by Izzy Gerard '21

Girls’ soccer team welcomes new members to the team, at beach hangout.

Theresa Vandis '20, Assistant Business Manager

The Staples varsity girls’ soccer team traveled to Newport, Rhode Island for team bonding on Sept. 6-8 in hopes of building team chemistry on and off the field. 

Aly Sivinski ’20, a left back, believes the trip was well constructed, especially due to the importance of teamwork. 

“A big part of soccer is that you have to work as a unit,” Sivinski said.

Despite this being the first trip of its kind, it was able to fit around the team’s schedules. 

“It was within a two hour drive, and we stayed at a YMCA camp so it ended up being convenient,” Sivinski said.

There were many different ways that the team bonded during the trip, including beach volleyball, ice breakers and other fitness oriented activities. Players noticed a difference that the trip made. 

“[T]he chemistry has grown to an unparalleled level that will help us both on and off the field,””

— Captain Mia Gonzalez '20

 “Through various training sessions as well as team-building activities, [T]he chemistry has grown to an unparalleled level that will help us both on and off the field,” Captain Mia Gonzalez ’20 said. 

With new players coming and going every year, the team decided to get to know each other in a new setting.

“It’s so much easier to play with somebody, and play with somebody well, when you know them as friends, not just as a teammate,” Sivinski said. 

Alex Wasserman ’22 was excited to take this opportunity to get to know the girls on her new team better. 

“I thought it would be a great team bonding experience,” Wasserman said. “I thought it would help us win FCIACS and States hopefully.”