Girls’ lacrosse gears up for the season


Staples girls’ lacrosse takes the win over Weston high school 11-5. This is the final game of preseason before they take on Rye High School.

Staples girls’ lacrosse defeated Weston 11-5 in an exhibition match on March 28, in the Wreckers’ last scrimmage before the start of the regular season.

The Wreckers were led by Kyle Kirby ’20, who scored four goals, three assists and playing lockdown defense.

“I think we got off to a slow start, but we really picked it up in the second half,” captain Samantha Pacilio ’19 said. “We were looking for each other on the cuts and making the right passes, that is what turned us around.”

The Wreckers started strong in the opening minutes of the scrimmage as Jane Lukens ’20 put in a goal. Staples took a quick 2-0 lead and carried the momentum. At the end of the first half, the score was 8-4, with Staples on top.

“I think that we moved the ball really well on the attack in the second half,” captain Izzy Cardello ’19 said. “We were looking for each other on the cuts and making the right passes.”

The Wreckers built their lead in the second half by playing aggressive defense holding Weston to only one score. Kathleen Cozzi ’20 also contributed three goals.

The girls believe they have a shot at making a run at the FCIAC and State titles this year. With a strong coaching staff and willing players, the Staples faithful could have a lot to cheer about this season.

“Last season we had a really successful season making both FCIAC and States and we lost a bunch of seniors,” captain Elle Fair ’19 said. “I think this year will be a rebuilding year as we have a lot of young starters.”

Staples traveled to Rye High School on Saturday, March 30, and captured their first win of the regular season 15-14. The Wreckers got off to a running start for 2019 season.