Girl’s Indoor track is proving to be successful

Girl’s Indoor track is proving to be successful

With two meets finished and six more underway in January, the girl’s indoor track team team is off to a strong start. The team has been practicing six days a week and has been seeing favorable results in practices. Both upper and underclassmen have been giving their all in hopes of achieving a successful season.


Due to the long length of the cross country season, the coaching staff has been taking it slow with the distance runners in order for them to perform to their fullest. Coach Jesse McCray states that the next few meets will “mean a lot” for the impending season.


At the Floyd Little complex this weekend, standout runners were Sarah Carter ’18 and Sam Little ’17. Carter who was an alternate on the varsity cross country team, is showing a lot of promise and is definitely a preeminent underclassmen.


“I’m very excited because this is my first time qualifying and I can’t wait to compete with my team at FCIACs,” said Carter.


Both Carter and Little have already qualified for post-season competitions.


Sprint runners have begun to show competitive times in many events but specifically the 250 meter relay. Although, it does appear that the team will be shuffling people in and out of the event and other relays to find the right combination of people that are most able-bodied in each specific event.


Juniors Ivy Prince ’17, Katherine Coogan ’17, Sarah Neckritz ’17, and sophomore Amanda Neckritz ’18, are expected to be some of the strongest runners for the sprinters. The underclassmen of the sprinters have been practicing a lot in order to provide the team with essential skills.


“I think a lot of the underclassmen show a great deal of potential. It definitely will be interesting to see who’s going to be really great runners,” said sprinter Claudia Guetta ’18


Hurdlers Grace Foster ’17 and Michele Partner ’16 are the top performers in their event and have been gradually improving in the first few meets and practices.


In the high Jump event India Fernandez ’18, Becca Chapman ’18, and Kristina Wasserman ’17 are expected to be the qualifiers for FCIACs and have been able to provide competitive scores so far.


Their next meet will be on January 15th at the Yale invitational in New Haven, it is scheduled to start in the early afternoon.

Coach McCray states that team’s goals this year are to make sure that every team member is seeing the progress they make, and be about to grasp the idea of what they have to do in order to succeed.


“The past few years we have been fortunate to have our fair share of [many titles]  … So we just want to work every day to have a chance to live up to the standard that has been set and the expectation is that you have to buy into the preparation that is expected,” said McCray.


Premier team member Hannah Debalsi ’16 was also recently recruited onto the Stanford University track team. She is expected to be a very key part of the distance runners given her past of outstanding championship titles. McCray added that her getting into Stanford was “just the perfect ending” to her high school career.


“Our coaching staff has come to realize that she is simply amazing and she will do anything for our team. She has made the dreams of every athlete a reality for her,” said McCray.