Remaining MLB Playoff teams bounce back from troubling pasts


In September of 2014, the Chicago Cubs were hopeless. For five years straight they posted losing records, and the 2014 season was no different. Finishing at 73-89, among the worst records in the MLB, the franchise sought to find the right answer, a remedy to the team’s historic woes.

But a recent past defined by losing is not unique to the Chicago Cubs. Over the past five years the Mets, Cubs, Blue Jays, and Royals have combined for 16 losing seasons.

Furthermore, losing has been engraved into these teams’ histories. Out of 112 recorded seasons, they only boast a combined six World Series championships. The last one dates back to 1993 when the Toronto Blue Jays beat the Philadelphia Phillies four games to two under manager Cito Gaston.

But let’s skip ahead to current day. These squads are red hot, dominating long-time powerhouses and plunging their way into the depths of October baseball.

As shown in the past month, the history books mean nothing.

The theme in this year’s MLB playoffs has been the rebuilding ballclubs coming to life and knocking off big-time franchises. The Houston Astros stunned the New York Yankees in the AL Wild Card game, and the Chicago Cubs took down the revered St. Louis Cardinals in the NLDS.

If there’s a moral to be taken out of this postseason, it’s that anything can happen.

The Chicago Cubs (along with the other 3 teams left in the playoffs) represent something greater than simply baseball or professional sports; they reinforce an important life lesson.

Past struggles don’t have meaning, the present is what matters.

In the closing weeks, we’ll find out which team will be able to bury its challenged past and achieve the highest degree of greatness.