Staples boys’ tennis dominates on the court

Staples boys’ tennis dominates on the court

This is the second year in a row that the boys’ tennis team remains undefeated. Since last April, the team has conquered every opponent they’ve faced.

Last year, the boys had an overall record of 21-0. The boys’ came in first place in the FCIAC tournament and then went on to win the LL state championship.

“It was so exciting when boys tennis won states last year,” Sammie Kurtz ’15 said. “They were an underrated team but their championship definitely brought them many new fans and a ton of publicity.”

The team hasn’t lost any of their stigma this year with an impressive record of 13-0 in the FCIAC; giving the boys an overall record of 34-0 for the last two years.

The boys are aiming for another state championship.

“We have to continue to be a team who plays well and has good chemistry,” Max Zimmerman ’17 said. “Everyone needs to take a role on the team.”

The boys credit their success mainly to their supreme team chemistry. The boys all make an effort to heavily support one another through cheering and pep talks.

“My team member’s encouragement is what leads me to victory,” Zimmerman said.

According to team members, they were able to accomplish great success through determination and a lot of practice throughout the year.

“We plan on taking home another state championship. I am confident we can accomplish the task again this year because we have such talented players who bring a lot of encouragement to the team,” Captain Zack Levin ’15 said.