Lax: the sport that became a lifestyle


Tis the season of girls’ and boys’ lacrosse.

And here’s to the next four months of lax; but we all know that the hype of lacrosse never really let’s up.

Soon enough, girls in white T-shirts running frantically around the hall trying to get their marker color on another girl’s shirt, in hopes of winning color war, and armies of girls in black will storm the halls.

And that’s just on game days.

Even on a normal school day, the team travels in packs around the school decked out in lacrosse logo-wear topped off with the infamous bucket hats.

The team spirit isn’t just about showing their infinite love for their team but showing the whole school that they’re a player for the prized lacrosse squad.

Yet there’s no greater glory than sporting one’s very own mid-calf tan line while strutting down the halls of Staples.

And as the lacrosse teams say, sock tan-lines may fade, but the memories last forever,’ but let’s be honest, they think the tan lines are pretty great while they last.

Team spirit may be all fun and games, but, to the team, there is no part of lacrosse more important than the game itself.

The colorful, beat-up, trusty lacrosse stick isn’t just a stick but an extension of a player. God forbid a player doesn’t have it by their side on a big game day.

The goofy rituals of lacrosse may be laughable to some, but there’s no denying the fact that the boys’ team was a finalist in the class L championships last year, and the girls’ team has five seniors committed to play at college next year.

There is overwhelming success for both the boys’ and girls’ lacrosse programs.

But that’s no surprise because, well, lax is life.