Seniors recall Wrecker wins

They’ve watched the ball grace the net, seen runners dash across the finish line, cheered on the players running up and down the field, and screamed the “I BELIEVE” chant loud enough to shatter eardrums. As the 2014 senior superfans are leaving Staples sports behind, they reminisce about their favorite Sports-Center worthy hits, spikes, catches, passes, and goals that occurred during their Staples careers.

Volleyball stars Todd Goldstein ’14 and Amelia Brackett ’14 will always cherish their teams’ successes at the FCIAC and State levels as their greatest sports achievements and moments in the past four years.

In the spring of 2013, Staples boys volleyball earned the FCIAC and State championship titles, “I’ve never been part of a group of guys that had so much fun trying to complete one goal. Also having so many kids come out and support us was one of the coolest things I’ve been a part of,” Goldstein said. “We did it, thanks to the fans.” SBVB also took home the FCIAC championship of 2014.

Girls’ volleyball captain Brackett actually sobbed after the team’s huge win over Greenwich in the state semi-finals. “I was so happy,” Brackett said. “It was literally everything I had worked for all season, and I felt so accomplished and proud of my team.”

Field hockey captain and avid Staples sports fan Elizabeth Coogan ’14, will never forget the state championship football game in the fall of 2011.

“Although Staples didn’t win, it was such an amazing experience as a fan because the championship took place at the UConn football stadium,” Coogan said. “The entire football game seemed so intense and professional. I can only imagine what it felt like for the actual players.”

As for the field hockey team, beating Darien in the semi-finals to advance to the 2011 FCIAC championship was Coogan’s most memorable moment on the field. “There was some crazy statistic that Darien hadn’t lost a game in like 103 games or something, so it felt incredible to beat them,” she said.

Coogan can still recall the intensity that raced through the warm fall air at dusk that night. “When we scored our last goal, right before the clock ran out, we all rushed onto the field. It was the coolest feeling ever!”

Basketball player Andrew Felman ‘14 never felt as happy on the court as when “David Katz ran off my screen and got a pass from Jake Melnick. We were down by 3 and David hit the 3-pointer and got fouled. He then made the free throw to give us a 1-point lead with 15 seconds left. We held on for the victory,” he said.

After attending and participating in many sporting events throughout her high school experience, Coogan shares her impression of Staples sports as a whole: “From Friday night football games under the lights in the fall, to sunny girls lacrosse games in the spring, students are always looking for fun sporting events to watch. It’s a great way for students to bond over a common goal; seeing their high school be successful while having fun at the same time.”