Girls Basketball Senior Day

Thursday night, the 7-12 Staples Girls Basketball team went up against the 17-2 Trumbull Eagles in a do-or-die match-up, ultimately suffering a frustrating loss with a final score of 41-27 and failing to earn a spot in the state championship tournament.

Preceding the game, Allison April ’13, Fallon Bottone ’13, Nikki Bukovsky ’13, and Erica Stein ’13 were honored as a part of Senior Night celebrations. Coach Ed Huydic commended the players on the outstanding work ethic, commitment and leadership they have showed during their time in the basketball program.

After this pregame high note, the Wreckers got off to a slow start in the first quarter, with Trumbull scoring nine unanswered points in quick succession to give them an early lead.

And despite bursts of energy from Stein’s dynamic presence and a couple of clutch baskets from Bukovsky, who finished the game as Staples’ top scorer with 12 points, Staples, plagued by turnovers and the seemingly impenetrable Trumbull defense, could not get their momentum going.

“We knew going into this game that this would be a tough challenge,” said April.

Indeed, Staples went into the game a considerable underdog against the Eagles, who were number one in the FCIAC and 11in the state.

But even in the face of a season-ending loss, seniors found solace in the team’s passion and drive.

“Everyone left their hearts on the court and never gave up,” said Bukovsky.

Bottone, her teammate, added, “I couldn’t have imagined a better Senior Day, and I’m proud of how we played.”

Teary-eyed in the stands, Bottone’s mother Judy reflected on her daughter’s growth over the course of her career at Staples as it came to its close.

“It’s been a wonderful 4 years,” she said.