Spring Football Season Begins

Fall is football season. It’s Homecoming, the Greenwich game on Thanksgiving morning, and now Friday Night Lights. The season starts in September and ends before the holiday break. But the magic of the fall doesn’t happen by chance. The Wreckers put in some important, if lower profile, work during their spring season.

“We do spring football so that we have an opportunity to coach just fundamentals and technique, without having the added burden of preparing for a game,” said Coach Petroccio.

According to Petroccio, the spring season involves basic training and conditioning, with some extra attention given to the development of younger players who might not have been at the forefront during the fall.

Nick Ward ’14, one of the co-captains for the 2013-2014 season, emphasizes the importance of this period of time, especially in filling positions for the coming season.

Patrick Lesch’14, another co-captain as well as a lacrosse player, represents a considerable portion of the team that is unfamiliar with the spring season, having spent the past couple of Springs playing for the lacrosse team.

“I’ve never played spring football before, because lacrosse has always gone late enough to miss it,” Lesch said.

And this year is no different, with the Lacrosse team mounting another successful post-season run even as the spring football season has started, forcing about 8 players, according to Lesch, to miss out on the spring football season.

Though not all can participate, Ward still views this season as a time for team building.

“It gets us pumped for the season, “ Ward said, “because we can really feel the season coming,” Ward said.