Reiter ’10 Lets His Play Do the Talking


Captain Alan Reiter ’10 leads the 10-1 boys soccer team. Photo courtesy of Carl McNair

Dana Rappaport ’11 and Samantha Freeman ’11
Web Opinions Editor and Web A&E Editor

Captain Alan Reiter '10 leads the 10-1 boys soccer team. Photo courtesy of Carl McNair
Captain Alan Reiter '10 leads the 10-1 boys soccer team. Photo courtesy of Carl McNair

Alan Reiter ’10 is known for his excellent soccer and leadership abilities. With his passion for the game, he is a great attribute to the varsity boys’ soccer team as one of the 2009 quad-captains. Reiter is capable of all of this through the soccer family he grew up in.

The midfielder has gained these skills from a lifetime of playing soccer. His father, Don Reiter, played on the former Washington Diplomats in the 70s. The team was a part of the NASAL (North American Soccer League), which is now the MLS (Major League Soccer). Along with his dad, his brother, Charlie Reiter ‘06, was an all-star player for the Staples soccer team. Charlie left Staples his senior year to attend the prestige sports academy IMG in Bradenton, Florida. He later went on to play soccer for Davidson College.

“While playing for Staples I want to create my own path away from the legacy my brother had” said Reiter, who plans to set himself apart from his brother’s accomplishments, however, he has already started to do so.

In 2008, Reiter won the FCIAC MVP award and is widely recognized by his peers and coaches as an excellent player.

While Reiter is known being an amazing player, he expresses these actions with little words.

“Although Alan may not be the most vocal captain, he brings a whole new dimension of intelligence to the game that none of us (captains) have” said fellow quad-captain Andrew McNair ‘10. Along with Reiter and McNair, Jack Hennessy ‘10 and Mike White ‘10 help lead the team as captains.

As a third year varsity soccer player, Reiter admits to not being the loudest member of his team, but he has learned to lead the team in other ways.

“Alan’s style is quiet leadership. He lets his play and passion for the game set a high standard for all others to follow” varsity soccer coach Dan Woog said.

Bearing the responsibility as a captain, Reiter said that he makes sure that his teammates are working together and getting along on and off the field.

“When we don’t pass the ball around and work as a team, I get frustrated but try to hide it because I don’t want my team to get mad too” Reiter said.  

Through Reiter’s method of “quiet leadership” he strives for his team to follow by his example. He wants no player to be selfish about possession of the ball or playing time. His goal is for the team to work together and win the FCIAC Championship title along with being State Champions.

In addition to being recognized by his coach, Reiter’s teammates also recognize his talent.

“Alan is one of the most composed and confident players with the ball. He can place it into someone’s foot from 40 yards out” said McNair.

Reiter keeps up his skill throughout the year as a member of Beachside soccer in the off-season. And in the future he hopes to play for a Division I school in college.

The season has just begun, and therefore Staples will be seeing a lot more of Alan Reiter and his renowned soccer skills.