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Jock Talk: The League of Extraordinary Scrubs

Jock Talk: The League of Extraordinary Scrubs

September 14, 2010

Image via Wikipedia Where can you find a football field with players like Daunte Culpepper and Ahman Green playing with people with names like Rocky Ross, Marlon Lucky, and a linebacker named Tank Daniels? In the United Football League, or as I affectionately call it, the League of Extraordinary Scrubs. When I first heard about the UFL, I followed it as a joke, but soon it...

The Boys are Back in Town: A New Perspective on Faculty Friendships

THEY OWN THESE HALLS: (from left to right) Eric Mongirdas, Jonathan Shepro, Jesse Bauks, Lenny Klein, Brian Scott and David Willick walk down a second floor hallway.

May 28, 2010

Michael Berlin '11 & Jordan Glick '11 Guest Writers Forget Vinny Chase and Ari Gold; Staples has its own Entourage. Informally known as the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, these learned men bring comedy and camaraderie to Staples. Spanning across departmental boundaries, the eclectic gro...

May 11, 2010 | The XX Voters

Photo by: Emily Goldberg '12

May 11, 2010

12:17 p.m. Seniors Natasha Gabbay, Lexi Preiser, and Amanda Stewart register to vote with the help of the volunteers from the League of Women's Voters....

NCL: Not (Your Average) Charity League

NCL: Not (Your Average) Charity League

January 10, 2010

Annie Nelson '11 Features Editor As much of the typical Staples student’s time is devoted to sports and extracurricular activities, it seems peculiar that few students—if only members themselves—know about the National Charity League (NCL). According to its website, NCL is a philanthropic org...

Believe it or Not: The Madden Curse Continues

Believe it or Not: The Madden Curse Continues

November 13, 2009

Dustin Dobbs '10 and D.J. Sixsmith '11 Sports Editors Superstitions are heavily prevalent throughout sports today, especially in baseball, football, and basketball. Curses…always seem follow these superstitions. Read More »...

Reiter ’10 Lets His Play Do the Talking

Captain Alan Reiter '10 leads the 10-1 boys soccer team. Photo courtesy of Carl McNair

October 16, 2009

Dana Rappaport '11 and Samantha Freeman '11 Web Opinions Editor and Web A&E Editor Alan Reiter ’10 is known for his excellent soccer and leadership abilities. With his passion for the game, he is a great attribute to the varsity boys’ soccer team as one of the 2009 quad-captains. Reite...

Madden Video Game Phenomenon Evolves

October 7, 2009

Matt Hawes '10 Staff Writer As the football season arrives, a group of Staples students celebrate the new time of year with the creation of their new Madden football league.   Read More »...

Jake Peavy to Bring World Series to Cubs

December 10, 2008

by Jack Hennessy '10 Jake Peavy = World Series. If you are wondering how I came to this solution, it’s really quite simple. The Transitive property. For all of you a little rusty on them Geometry terms, the Transitive property can most easily be explained in simple variable terms. Read More »...

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