Global pandemic inspires students to pick up new and old hobbies


Photo by Natasha Taubenheim '22

Many families have been making puzzles to pass the time while school is out.

Natasha Taubenheim '22, Staff Writer

Over a month ago, schools across Connecticut closed their doors in order to ensure the safety of students and prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. At the time, it was assumed that school would reopen within a few weeks; however, the pandemic has worsened, and now there is a good chance that schools will be closed for the remainder of the year. In the time off, students have found ways to keep themselves busy and take advantage of their open schedules. 

Sammy Webster ’21 has used this opportunity to explore her more artistic side and pick up a new hobby. While she has no previous experience embroidering, with the influence of her friends, she decided to give it a chance.

I’ve always wanted to try it and I figured now was a good time to teach myself something new. I wanted something to work towards,” Webster said. “I found a few stitch ideas online and I really enjoyed learning them, so I got materials and started practicing.”

I’ve always wanted to try it and I figured now was a good time to teach myself something new. I wanted something to work towards.”

— Sammy Webster '21

With this new interest, Webster has learned how to manage her time efficiently. She uses her small windows of time for enjoyment. 

“During the school week I often embroider in between class assignments,” Webster said. “When I want to take a break, it’s something I can do that gives me the satisfaction of feeling productive while still doing something I find relaxing and fun.”

Other students have a different approach when it comes to time management and doing activities that they find entertaining. Some prefer to dedicate the school week to work only and save their interests for the weekend.

“I have been doing puzzles on the weekends with my family which is fun because I get to spend more time with them, especially now that I have the time,” Cameron Almonte ’23 said.

Aside from new interests, others are bringing back old hobbies that they may have forgotten about or lost the time to engage in them.

“During my time off I have been making more art,” Gabby Messenger ’22 said. “I have been painting for as long as I can remember and I’m glad I have this opportunity to rediscover my passion.”

It’s imperative in times like these to self-care and develop a sense of achievement. Doing activities, old or new, is necessary to ensure one’s well-being, especially because simple joys have been taken away. 

“Finishing projects, no matter how small, makes me feel like I am accomplishing something with my time,” Webster saaid, “and it’s making the days go by faster.”