Quarantine brings unique opportunities to explore new activities


Photo by Izzy Sareen '22.

The most common past-time activity of students is watching netflix. Students don’t get much time to enjoy their favorite shows during a normal school year, because of the amount of time it takes to complete all of their schoolwork.

Izzy Sareen ’22 and Lea Rivel ’22, Staff Writers

COVID-19 has altered the world, leaving many people to wonder, “What do we do now?”
Staples students have not been to school since March 11, and most Westport residents have been self-quarantined ever since. Since students have been participating in online school for a few weeks, many have found that there is now much more extra time to explore hobbies and activities they did not have time for before.
Because it is recommended that people don’t leave the house unless necessary and that everyone should practice social distancing, people have found enjoyment in appreciating nature, which is something that can be done without anybody else.
“I recently did a hike up to this castle in Meriden, Connecticut,” Madeline Harr ʼ22 said. “It was really pretty and we were surrounded by these giant reservoirs and forests. We climbed up the side of a really steep mountain to the top, where there was a medieval looking castle and a view of a whole mountain range.”
Some students have even found time to spend on activities they have always enjoyed but haven’t had time for in the past.
“I’ve picked up some of my old hobbies again like baking, and playing chess with my dad,” Kylie Doyle ʼ21 said.
Some find it easier to balance spending time doing the things that they love, all while completing several hours of schoolwork online for each class. During a normal school year, it can be difficult for students to find the time to delegate their tasks for school with their personal needs.
“It’s been really easy recently to balance rowing workouts and schoolwork. It gets hard and stressful during the regular school year. I also get to go on walks with my family, which is really nice,” Jane Leahy ʼ23 said.
Picking up new and old hobbies again seems to be a popular choice as well. While someone might be used to playing soccer everyday after school, they might now feel the urge to try playing a new sport, such as basketball or running. The same goes for schoolwork.
“Reading is definitely something that I’ve been doing almost everyday since we got out of school, which is different from my normal everyday school routine,” Alex Oppenheimer ʼ22 said.
This quarantine has even seemed to encourage families to communicate more often and spend more time together.
“I’ve been walking and playing board games with my family. I normally don’t get to spend any time with them during the school year, so this is nice,” Jane Weil ʼ23 said.
Many have found the time to reflect and focus on the activities they know will help them in the long run. With all of this in mind, these activities have proven to be effective ways to cure the boredom that comes with being quarantined, while still remaining safe.
“I walk with my dog everyday and usually read a book as well, along with watching movies and exercising to pass the time,” Alexia Abrams-Rivera ʼ22 said. “It’s tiring being inside but I know it’s a war outside.”