Students indulge in a love-hate relationship with Valentine’s Day

Students indulge in a love-hate relationship with Valentine’s Day

Every year on Feb. 14, millions of people in the United States celebrate Valentine’s Day, as they snack on heart shaped chocolates and exchange gifts with their loved ones. But few people actually know the origins and namesake of the holiday.

The historical accounts of the holiday date back to 270 A.D. when Valentine, later to become St. Valentine, was put in prison for conducting illegal marriage ceremonies on the battlefield in Rome.

The account says that the night before he was supposed to be executed for his wrongdoings, St. Valentine healed the blind daughter of a jailer, and wrote a card to her, signed, “from your Valentine.”

From those three words, a holiday was born.

Today, St. Valentine’s words are printed on 145 million cards sent annually on Feb. 14, according to CNN.

When asked about the history of the day, Lauren Stack ’17, like many students, said she sure of the origins of the holiday.

“I know it has something to do with St. Valentine,” Stack said.

Regardless of whether or not they are aware of the history that goes into the holiday, many Staples students enjoy the day and being able to spend time with the people they love.

“It’s a really great day to spend with loved ones,” Keiran Simunovic ’16 said.

Still, despite the $448 million worth of candy bought before the week of Feb. 14, according to the History Channel, some students aren’t in love with the holiday.

“I think it’s stupid…because I’m single,” Justin Pecoriello ’17 said with a laugh, adding, “I think there should be a single person holiday.”