Parents and teachers are super, too

Zoe Brown , Editor-in-Chief

They snap photos from the sidelines. They post Facebook statuses to congratulate the teams on wins. They change around their work schedule to go to games. They sport white and blue “Wreckers” t-shirts and sweatshirts. They cheer until their voices are sore, clap until their hands are red. And they support the teams with every bone in their body.

Are they Superfans? Yes. But more specifically, they’re parent and teacher Superfans.

Parent Superfan and Co-President of the Staples Field Hockey Booster Club Sarah Fair has been to nearly 90 field hockey games and counting, she said. Fair’s favorite part of being a parent Superfan is the omnipresent adrenaline and encouraging cheers at every game.

“It has taken us many years to effectively cheer: S-T-S-T-A-S-T-A-P-L-E-S. STAPLES. (clap, clap) WRECKERS…and again,” Fair said. “I love it because we really have to work at getting it right, especially with all the claps.”

Many teacher Superfans have more motives behind attending games, besides simply showing support for the team.

English teacher Mary Katherine Hinman loves seeing her students in a new setting.

“I really enjoy seeing students I have excelling outside of the classroom,” Hinman said.

Other teacher Superfans, like English teacher Brendan Giolitto, revel in the spirit and enthusiasm of the fellow sports-game-goers.

“I like to be a part of it. I think it’s fun to socialize with the students in that aspect and to show your support,” Giolitto said

Giolitto also believes that teachers’ spirit in the stands translates to a positive classroom environment. He emphasized that it’s a way for teachers to put aside the schoolwork and show support in other ways.

“The students see that your care more than just what’s going on in the classroom,” Giolitto said.

Besides enhancing the classroom environment, parent and teacher Superfans emphasize the sense of community that attending Staples sports games create within the town.

“It’s great to be in the stands and see the whole town out to cheer on the teams,” parent Superfan Craig Wynne said. “You really feel like part of the community.”

Parent Superfan Maureen Coogan’s favorite part of the parent Superfan culture is the camaraderie it creates.

“Sitting together and biting our nails when it’s too close for comfort, I just love the whole experience,” Coogan said.