Miley Cyrus brings positivity to fans with IGTV show ‘Bright Minded’


Graphic by Reilly Caldwell ’20

Miley Cyrus started an internet talk show “Bright Minded” to spread awareness about the effects of COVID-19 but also entertain viewers. “Bright Minded” is available on Instagram (IGTV) and her Youtube channel.

During such unprecedented times, it’s hard to find a bright side to things. The news is scary and devastating, and it’s overwhelming that there seems to be no end in sight. However, singer-songwriter Miley Cyrus’s uplifting Instagram talk show “Bright Minded” gives people hope during these dark times.
In self-isolation, Cyrus has lined up several A-listers to interview, such as Hailey Bieber, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. Their conversations prompted serious discussions about body image and mental health.
Although there is so much going on in the world right now, I think that these important conversations are ones we should still be having. Many people are struggling with managing their mental health, which could be getting worse due to the pandemic. Bringing up these topics gives people something to relate to and shows them they’re not alone.
She also had special guests from her Disney Channel days, like her “Hannah Montana” co-star Emily Osment. I adored watching these two together, especially since Cyrus has been open about not liking her Disney past. It was incredibly nostalgic, and this was the pairing I didn’t know I needed.
Cyrus also hosts mini classes and tutorials on her show to entertain viewers. She brought on music producer Mark Ronson, who performed his song “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart” with Cyrus, and he also gave a songwriting workshop to entertain the viewers. Antoni Porowski from Netflix’s “Queer Eye” gave a cooking lesson to teach viewers how to cook healthy meals without wasting or hoarding food.
Not only is Cyrus’s show entertaining, but it’s also extremely informative and educational. On her first episode, she interviewed Dr. Daniel Amen who talked about staying fit, eating healthy and protecting yourself from COVID-19. Her personal trainer also made an appearance, showing viewers appropriate workouts to do from home to stay active.
Cyrus uses her platform to promote several small businesses and charities, such as Feeding America, local dog shelters and Second Harvest Food Bank. She also is the founder of her own foundation, Happie Hippie, who have also supported other organizations during this hardship.
I believe that this pandemic has shown people’s true colors; while some are complaining, others are paying it forward and helping out in any way they can. “Bright Minded” shows how much Cyrus cares about her community and how much she cares about bringing positivity to people’s lives. It’s educational, entertaining and a much better use of your time than watching the other late night or talk shows.