‘All American’ allows great binge during self-isolation


Photo by Carly Kaplowitz ’21

“All American” entices Netflix viewers as it provides another great teen-drama to watch for an easy and fulfilling television binge.

While stuck at home amidst the quarantine from the Coronavirus pandemic, many are struggling to keep themselves occupied, and trying not to cave into binging yet another series on Netflix. But how many times can you clean your room? It is about time you just cave, and head over to Netflix to watch another masterpiece: “All American.”
The recent release of “All American,” a show inspired by NFL champion Spencer Paysinger, is another amazing teen drama that has been in the Netflix top 10 for weeks. Football phenomenon, Spencer James, gets recruited to play for the football team at Beverly Hills. This turns his whole life around and grants him with opportunities he has never dreamed of before. With every teenage television show comes drama, and as the show unfolds, every episode is more shocking than the next.
My favorite part about “All American” is how it always leaves you guessing, hooking the viewer in and forcing them not to hesitate when playing the next episode. Within minutes of the first episode, a bombshell is dropped, making me question if James is going to take the recruitment offer. Although the plot would be hard to move on if he declined, the intense emotion and acting the characters portray made me seriously question what he will decide.
When he ultimately decides to go to Beverly Hills, I was introduced to the rest of the characters and immediately fell in love with all of them. Each character had their own story. Whether they were a recovering addict, a jealous jock or an unhappy couple, everyone contributed something unique which allowed there to be more to the storyline than just football.
The series follows the team in their attempt to make it to the state championship. Throughout their practices and games, relationships change, secrets come out and drama unfolds. This eliminates any boredom and repetition and creates the teen-drama TV show feel that I know and love.
Prior to starting “All American,” I was nervous that I would not like it because I know slim to nothing about football. Although the show is centered around the sport, featuring a football game or practice in every episode, I was captivated by how well they were playing, and I loved to watch the competition as well as the other stories apart from the game.
Ultimately, I, along with many other people, thoroughly enjoyed watching this show and am counting down the days until season three gets released on Netflix.