Great anticipation surrounds debut of Netflix’s ‘The Circle’

As it is the start of the new year, it is a perfect time to start a new tv show. A new series that is predicted to be a big hit this year is the reality TV show, “The Circle,” which appears on Netflix.
“The Circle” made its way over to the United States after being a big hit in the United Kingdom.
The show is centered around eight contestants who are chosen to live in an apartment complex, each very modern and stocked with various amenities. All of the contestants get to know each other and try to up their status in the building — essentially, it’s a big popularity contest. At the end of each episode, one contestant is voted off if they are the least liked of the contestant.
So what makes this show so different from other reality TV shows? The contestants never actually meet in person. They attempt to virtually win each other over since the only information you receive about them is through their online profile, which can be accessed at anytime through the “Circle” — a piece of advanced technology available in a TV in every apartment. It is similar to the application “Siri” where you can talk to the Circle, ask the Circle to see your profile, ask the Circle to see other peoples’ profiles and more. Besides looking at other people’s profiles, you can send gifts and have conversations through the Circle.
Another factor: you are not forced to tell the truth. You can lie about what you look like, who you are and anything about you on your profile. This is in an attempt to appeal to the other contestants, so you will not get voted off. The entire show is a social experiment involving the massive impact social media has on today’s world. With so many different social media apps growing every day, it has become a huge part of our culture, especially with this generation of people. It is becoming more and more important to be apart of social media.
Similar to other TV show series, there is added suspense with the addition of alliances between contestants, gossiping about others and drama that will leave your jaw dropped. The incentive behind this whole game is that the last person standing receives a $100,000 reward.
After watching the first episode, I can agree that she show lived up to its standards. After meeting all of the contestants, and already getting a preview into the drama that will go down during this first season, I was automatically hooked.
I would definitely recommend this show to anyone looking for a comical, entertaining and dramatic experience with an interesting concept. The show has a very interesting way in which is can show the viewers how what you see on someone’s profile might not always be true, and how what you see about someone online can be a huge judgment of character. The show is new, original, and fun and can be sure to keep the viewers watching.