SCC 2019 Air Cooled Car Show takes over Westport

SCC Air Cooled Classic Car Show 2019

From Maseratis to Subarus, Jeeps to Volkswagens, there are many styles, brands and types of cars. Convertibles, SUV’s, vans, trucks, sports cars and so many more. Aside from the types of cars, there are hundreds of brands that make them. Volkswagen, Porsche, Jeep, Mercedes, BMW; you name it. The Small Car Company (SCC) Air Cooled Car Show has it all.
The SCC 2019 Air Cooled Car Show features a wide range of car brands from the 20th century, ranging all the way from Volkswagen to Porsche. The show took place on Sept. 22, 2019 at Veteran’s Green in downtown Westport. 

Peter Bush, host of the show and manager of the Caffeine and Carburetors Series, spoke about the car show’s purpose. 

“Let’s talk about the beneficiary,” Bush said. “We have Homes With Hope, which is a Westport-based charity that benefits a program to find housing for people, believe it or not, that are homeless in Fairfield county […] All the money raised today goes to Homes With Hope.” 

Homes With Hope is a Westport-based charity organization that helps homeless people in Fairfield County get back on their feet. Jeff Weiser, CEO of Homes With Hope, explained the works of his organization. 

“We have 115 people in beds every night,” Weiser said. “We provide them with case management services to help them stay in their housing, or if they are in our shelters, to help get them into their own housing.” 

While helping the homeless people in Fairfield County get a safe place to live and food through donations, the car show also seemed to be quite enjoyable to spectators. 

Car fanatics from all over Connecticut gathered to observe the vintage vehicles. 

“I think it’s amazing so far,” Westport resident Robert Bolandian said. “There’s a huge variety of cars, it’s a lot of fun, and I’m really enjoying it.” 

Bolandian describes himself as a “car nut” and likes to visit various vehicular shows featuring unique cars. He is one of many spectators who attended the annual Small Car Company Air Cooled Car Show this year. 

The show gives an opportunity for vintage air cooled car owners to show off their vehicles to the public. Most of the cars featured are one of a kind, with only a few of them in existence. 

Several of the car owners have won awards for their cars in various competitions across the world. Norwalk resident Robert Lachman has previously won awards for his unique car, a 1978 French Citroen 2CV. He featured his vehicle at the SCC show this past weekend. 

“I’ve always had one of these 2CV Citroens,” Lachman said. “I found it in Toulouse, France, and brought it over. The car is totally original, and it’s a rare find.”

This SCC Air Cooled Car Show was able to combine a charity event with an entertainment aspect to it. It gave spectators a chance to view unique cars they have been waiting to see, along with being able to donate to a reputable charity with a cause to help the homeless of Fairfield County. 

The Car Show has captured the attention of spectators across Fairfield County for 5 years in a row, and plans to continue hosting the charity event each year in order to raise money for Homes With Hope, and provide County residents with an enjoyable experience with their rare vehicles.