New horror movie excites Netflix viewers


The cold, snowy and bitter weather of Dec. is a great excuse to cozy up in bed and watch Netflix all day. The new movie “Bird Box,” directed by Susanne Bier, was released on Netflix on December 13, 2018. Everyone was discussing the new movie, more than 45 million accounts on Netflix have watched “Bird Box” in the first seven days of its release, according to People.

The movie’s plot follows with the idea that the air is poisoned, and if you look outside, you will want to kill yourself. This poison drove most of population to suicide. Trying to find hope and a safe place, Malorie Hayes (Sandra Bullock), and her kids embark on a dangerous journey through the woods and down a river to find one place that they will be able to live. To make it, Malorie and her kids will have to complete the trip blindfolded (See more through the trailer ).

While the movie was classified as horror, it did not have the typical jump scares most horror movies have. Although, it did keep me on the edge of my seat because I was unsure of what was going to happen next on the dangerous journey they had to take. It didn’t have me screaming occasionally or shutting my eyes like typical horror do.

The acting was really well done throughout the movie. The cast did an excellent job displaying fear especially when Malorie had to fight someone off in the river blindfold. Most people said Sandra Bullock (Malorie) is the best part of “Bird Box.” I completely agree that Sandra Bullock’s facial expressions and fear made the movie better.

The plot of this movie was well thought out and very unique. Most horror movies have the same sort of plot with a villain killing people. But this was a very different horror approach. Although some parts of the plot were confusing, it was an overall good storyline.

This movie was two hours and four minutes. It was a little too long for my taste, and it could have been condensed a little more.The background music added more suspense to the movie, and the choice to add music to the river scene added more tension and suspense.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, this movie got a 62 percent rating. However, I think that “Bird Box” deserves a higher rating. Because of the good acting and unique plot, I would give “Bird Box” a 70 percent rating.