House of Cards new season starts without Kevin Spacey

Marlo Von der Ahe ’20

There is a big change in season six of the television series, “House of Cards”: it will not feature main character, Kevin Spacey. Although, the decision was expected, Spacey’s role will be hard to fill, as he was one of the best actors for this part.

The Oscar-winning actor was fired from the show due to 15 sexual misconduct allegations. According to USA Today, the charges ranged from sexual harassment, assault and attempted rape.

“It was very much the right decision to fire him [Spacey] after he was accused of sexually assaulting multiple people,” Aly Sivinski ’20 said. “However, he was an amazing actor and I don’t think they will be able to replace him ever.”

In the political drama, Robin Wright, who plays the character of Claire Underwood, will be the focus of the hit show’s final season. In previous seasons, Wright played the vice president, while Spacey took on the role of the president. Wright will have to take over his role in the newest season, and viewers will have to see how well she can fit the part as commander in chief.

Although season six has just started, the ratings are promising. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the new season already has a 5 percent better score than season five had, jumping from a 69 percent to a 74 percent.