Quattro Pazzi Cafe is the best Italian meal in Connecticut


By Jack Lev ’20

Driving down the Post Road in Fairfield, Connecticut, you will quickly be surrounded by the aroma of classic Italian food. That amazing smell is coming from 1599 Post Road East, where Quattro Pazzi Cafe is located.

Quattro Pazzi takes up a relatively large space. The wooden walls, floors (painted black) and ceilings create a rustic yet stylish look that gives the restaurant a sense of warmth while keeping modernized.

Right after opening the door, I was greeted by a friendly hostess who sat me immediately at a quaint table with a booth on one side and chairs on the other. Shortly after I sat, I received iced water and a menu with a multitude of options. These choices ranged from grilled calamari as an appetizer, to a number of pasta and salad dishes all the way to veal and chicken entrees.

To start, I ordered the classic caesar salad. Within 10 minutes of placing the order, the salad came. The portion was just the right size so I could eat it myself and be satisfied without being very full prior to the main course. The salad was delicious as it managed to obtain the right amount of caesar dressing which complemented the fresh, crunchy lettuce without “drowning” it. Crispy croutons as well as thin slices of parmesan cheese were sprinkled on top adding to the texture and flavor of the dish.

For my main portion, I went with the chicken parmesan served with a side of linguini pasta in tomato sauce. It took approximately 15 minutes for the order to come; the chicken parmesan was large and the pasta was appropriately sized so the dish was finishable. The chicken’s marinara sauce was a perfect fit with the fresh mozzarella they put on top. The dish was crispy with an appealing gold undertone to the chicken. The meal completely filled me as it was large and dense, but my family insisted upon desert.

After I had time to digest my meal, I split the Italian-style ricotta cheesecake with my father since we were both pretty full already. The cheesecake was rich and flavorful as it contained whip cream on top and a graham cracker bottom blending for an intriguing texture and a sweet dessert; this was the perfect way to finish off a phenomenal dinner.

Overall, my visit to Quattro Pazzi made for a comfortable and delicious dinner. The service was fast, the waiter was pleasant and the staff was attentive. The only negative I took away from this meal was the price: the caesar salad was $10, while the chicken parmesan came out to be $24. However, the cheesecake was a fair $9.95. Although the prices were mostly high, the portions were decently sized and were exactly what I hoped for that night. Overall, if you’re willing to pay a bit more than usual, you will receive a delicious, classic Italian meal.