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Local homes illuminated for holiday season

20 Gault Park Drive
20 Gault Park Drive

By. Molly Mahoney ’18

In the midst of the holiday season, locals stuck to tradition by illuminating their homes with bright lights and other festive, often glowing decorations. Some stick to a string or two of white LED lights, while others’ houses seem to bring light to entire neighborhoods.

After hearing my peers buzz about the festive houses they drove past after nightfall, I took it upon myself to check them out.

20 Gault Park Drive: This home, tucked away in the backroads off of Cross Highway, is quaint and bright. Not excessive, but not underdone either, the house features wrapped columns and various brightly lit figures, including reindeer, a snowman, and Santa Claus. However, the upper half of the house could absolutely use some decorations to even out the house as a whole.

Location: This home may be hard to find as it is on a small, winding road

Favorite feature: Lights on the tree

Rate: 5.5/10

50 Cross Highway: Set back from buzzing Cross Highway, the eye is not initially drawn to the decorations that coat the large house and part of the front yard. Instead, drivers stare at the enormous pine tree which sits dripping in multicolored lights near the end of the driveway, in close proximity to the road. Upon closer inspection, onlookers notice the blue, white, and purple themed decor which outfits the festive house.

Location: Although it is a challenge to stop and get a good look at this house, the real estate promises the pine tree plenty of glances. The house is visible from plenty of Staples students’ routes getting to and from school.

Favorite Feature: Absolutely the pine tree.

Rate: 8.5/10

14 Lyndale Park: The front yard of this holiday home is covered in a scatter of various glowing figures. From nutcrackers, to snowmen, to reindeer, the figures are exciting and interesting to look at. Unlike the popular string lights, the featured characters and animals take time to digest one by one.
Location: Just past the southbound Merritt Parkway entrance, commuters who just missed their green light lose their disgruntled attitude when they realize the spectacle that is 14 Lyndale Park on their right. At least I did.

Favorite Feature: The nutcrackers, almost as large as me, were a unique touch to the array of decorations. I absolutely love that they seem to be guarding the already gated entrance to the home.

Rate: 8/10

There are plenty of festive homes across and around Westport, but the little details of these homes are what won me over. Of the three above houses, my favorite was 50 Cross Highway. If you find yourself with time for a drive by of the staggering pine tree, take advantage of it.

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