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Connecticut House approves bill banning bump stocks, legislation heads to Senate

Connecticut House approves bill banning bump stocks, legislation heads to Senate

May 3, 2018

By Kaela Dockray '20 The Connecticut House of Representatives voted in favor of passing a bill banning the usage of rapid-fire devices known as bump stocks on May 8. Lawmakers voted 114-35 to  approve...

20 Gault Park Drive

Local homes illuminated for holiday season

December 21, 2016

By. Molly Mahoney '18 In the midst of the holiday season, locals stuck to tradition by illuminating their homes with bright lights and other festive, often glowing decorations. Some stick to a string...

Holiday House tour kicks off Christmas season

Holiday House tour kicks off Christmas season

December 14, 2015

This story is on the Exposure website. To access it, follow the link below:

Staples Cribs

April 15, 2011

By Farrel Levenson '11 & Jackie Kerames '12 Features Editor & Staff Writer A house is not a home – but a room can be so much more than just a place to sleep. Check out what some Stapleites...

My Big Fat Holiday Gathering

December 22, 2010

Sometimes movies remind us of our own life, and, when I watch “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” I am reminded of my grandmother. In the movie the mother, Maria Portokolos, spends most of her time cleaning,...

Has This Flame Burned Out?

December 13, 2010

Image via Wikipedia When it’s the holiday season, being Jewish rocks. There’s something very thrilling, almost dangerous in a way, about going out for Chinese food on Christmas Eve and being the...

Please Stop, High School Drinkers

November 20, 2010

Lately, I haven’t liked what I’ve been seeing on Facebook. I inevitably find in my newsfeed pictures of drunken classmates holding a can of Keystone Light in one hand and a can of Four Loko in the...

Eight Ways to Stay Green During Winter

November 12, 2010

When winter comes around, it’s easy to forget about being energy efficient, but there are many ways to stay green. With a little help from the Staples’ Green Club, and research done online, Inklings...

Music To Make You Seem Cool: British Dubstep makes its way to American soil

October 22, 2010

Spencer Fox '11 Staff Writer Heavy metal, violent gangster rap, and now, newly added to the list of genres that will make your parents proclaim “MY god, what ARE you listening to?,”        ...

A birdhouse that was auctioned off for charity at the Project Return fundraiser. | Photo by Lucas Hammerman '10

Rolling Hills Country Club Hosts Birdhouse Charity

March 26, 2010

Emily Goldberg '12 Web Sports Editor For months, Westport artist Carol Brezovec collected possible materials to make a new birdhouse. She spent some time agonizing over its design and theme. She...

High School Entrepreneurs Start Composting Business

High School Entrepreneurs Start Composting Business

November 13, 2009

Natasha Gabbay '10 Web Managing Editor At the end of last June, Casey Richardson ’10, Venetia Stanley ’10, Molly Pieper ’10 and Sasha Berns ’10 began their own business venture, a composting...

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