Captain America and the Civil War is epic


There is nothing more Marvel could have done to make this movie more super or more heroic. It covered a lot of ground.

SPOILER ALERT: THE REST OF THIS REVIEW gives up a lot of juicy Marvel movie bits. You’ve been warned.

Captain America and Iron Man had a little disagreement about the Avengers joining forces with the UN. The UN and big hunks of the world are angry that the Avengers have been causing catastrophes across the globe and taking countless innocent civilians’ lives while they fight and look cool.

Iron Man wanted to sign this agreement with the UN. Captain America didn’t. Lines are drawn or literally lasered into asphalt. Superheros take sides.

A West Side Story super-brawl takes place. Did I mention they brought in Black Panther (a beloved and not often seen Marvel legend?) AND rebooted the Spider Man franchise by going all-old school on Peter Parker and playing it all OG like the original spidey comics did, except that old frail Aunt May is now suddenly a hottie MILF played by Marisa Tomei? Even the little Paul Rudd Ant Man has “huge” surprise for you too.

Anyway, this epic Avengers argument turns out to be a full blown civil war. It brought a ton of the Marvel superheros to the table and frankly I had to have my dad explain the origins of Black Panther,(whom I now love), and the new Spider-Man is hilarious and actually “amazing”… FINALLY.

The whole time I was watching this movie, I kept thinking about two superheros that were missing: THOR and THE HULK. Where are they?? I suspect they are going to pop up in the sequel along with other Marvel legends who are going to have to pick sides, right? Yes, I’m talking to YOU, Daredevil, Fantastic Four, X-Men and Wolverine, Dr. Strange, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Deadpool, Spider-Woman, Silver Surfer, She-Hulk, Namor the Sub-Mariner and let’s not forget all the villains who should be having a field day with all this. But I digress.

The plot line was strong, the action was non-stop, and easily sets up four other movies in the future. One more thing to keep in mind; there are two other Easter eggs at the end of the movie that you won’t want to miss.