Upcoming summer blockbusters


“Finding Dory”
Genre: Comedy
Acceptable Age Rating: PG
Release Date: June 17th
Summary: The sequel to the all time classic “Finding Nemo”, Disney Pixar’s latest animated summer movie is a must watch for any fans of the original film. Certain to please younger audiences, this family friendly adventure will be sure to hold enough hidden adult jokes to keep parents (or other adult viewers) entertained. Combining this layered humor with top notch animation will provide the kind of well rounded cartoon experience that Pixar is known for. While high expectations set by the first movie are certain to bog down some fans’ reactions, “Finding” Dory should be able to deliver a well put together comedy that is enjoyable for all ages.

“Independence Day 2”
Genre: Science Fiction Action/Adventure
Acceptable Age Rating: PG-13
Release Date: June 24th
Summary: The sequel to the vastly popular “Independence Day”, “Independence Day 2” represents a somewhat unwanted follow up to a beloved film. “I don’t know why they had to make a second one, the first was so good and really wrapped up the story well”, Harry Garber ’16 said. “I feel like they’re juicing as much money as they can out of the name, but hopefully they do the original justice”. This fear will certainly make standards especially high for the coming science fiction action movie; however, a star studded cast featuring both original film members (Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman) and new era stars (Liam Hemsworth) should provide an extra draw to theater goers.

“The Purge 3”
Genre: Horror
Acceptable Age Rating: R
Release Date: July 1st
Summary: Centered around a dystopian America in which all crime is legal for one day a year, “The Purge 3” is certain to deliver for fans who are expecting an action packed horror experience. While it probably won’t win any awards for its writing or plot, “The Purge 3” is certain to deliver a thrilling and scary story that will please and horror fans. “As a horror fan, the “Purge” is a nice mainstream alternative to the kind of really serious, backdoor horror movies that usually come up, it’s a refreshing change of pace,” Sophia Stanley ’16 said.

“The Legend of Tarzan”
Genre: Action/Adventure
Acceptable Age Rating: PG-13
Release Date: July 1st
Summary: One of very few original movies coming out this summer season, “The Legend of Tarzan” represents a throwback to a childhood favorite story series, albeit with a more serious twist. Set upon the backdrop of European imperialism in Africa, the film is certain to twist the original boundaries of the Tarzan series from being centered around child-centric adventure, to more serious moral and social topics. Featuring a star studded acting cast of Margot Robbie, Samuel Jackson and Christoph Waltz, this film is certainly up to the task of overcoming its child-film label.

“Jason Bourne”
Genre: Thriller
Acceptable Age Rating: PG-13
Release Date: July 29th
Summary: Yet another sequel comes in the form of the long time fan favorite “Jason Bourne” series. This spy mystery thriller is in the vein of James Bond films, but with a more complex plot. “I personally love the Bourne series, I’ve been watching them with my dad for years and they just don’t get old,” Ben Popkin ’16 said. This kind of long term appeal combined with serious, thrilling plot will certainly provide an experience that pleases long term fans and first time viewers alike.