Cuffed jeans roar into Staples fashion


This winter Staples has experienced a major change. Out of the crowded forest of corduroys and khakis, cuffed jeans have emerged on top, taking the Staples pant game by storm.

People have been cuffing jeans for decades, but only recently have they come back to the forefront of the fashion world. Models can be seen sporting the stylish look on GQ, Forbes and J.Crew.

CJ Stephan ’16 picked up on the trend in October and is proud to flaunt it around school this spring.

“I noticed a lot of people at my job at Banana Republic rocking it,” Stephan said. “I like the clean look. If you buy jeans that are too long, it is easy to compensate by cuffing them, which keeps them nice and tidy.”

Even people who chose not to wear the style can still appreciate the appeal. Dominique Teixera ’17 said, “I think it’s a nice look if someone can pull it off with patterned socks and Sperrys.”

Supporters of the snazzy cuffed legwear are not limited to high school students. AP Economics and U.S. History teacher Drew Coyne has nothing but fond things to say about these trendy jeans. “The cuffed jeans movement found me last year and I have decided to carry it into 2016. I like them, especially in the spring and summer, when I can wear them with some loafers.”

Cuffed jeans have definitely roared into the busy halls of 70 North Avenue quickly, but do not seem to be leaving anytime soon. Stephen recommended that “everyone pick up a pair if they want to look good this spring season.”