Counties isn’t all that counts


With my eyebrows done, my skin sun-kissed and glowing and my nails painted a dark red, I type this article while glancing at my frantic Counties girls’ group-chat. My long black dress lonelily hangs from my closet door, and I’m haunted by the pending hair and makeup appointments that I need to cancel.

If you haven’t already heard, the annual Counties Anniversary Charity Ball has been postponed to Feb 7. If you can imagine, the majority of the junior class is in shambles. Painfully distraught, to say the very least.

Rather than a night of gowns and after parties, we’re in our fleece pajamas, on dates with Netflix.

So, my fellow junior girls, I know we’re all thinking it. I’m just going to come right on out and say it:

This. sucks.

It really, really sucks. We reached the light at the end of the dark tunnel of midterms only to find that we have to wait another two weeks. Only to find that our first school dance, that, if you’re like me, you have been imagining since you were a little girl, has been postponed.

In the face of such agony, it’s almost impossible to look at the bright side. But, being as positive as one can be right now, I’m going to try to show you that worse things could happen than the postponement of Counties.

If we’re being real here, the dance could have been flat-out cancelled. Trust me, if that was the case, positive Jane would go on an unsolicited vacation until further notice.

But it isn’t. The dance is only in two weeks, and it’ll go by much quicker than we know it, so start the countdown now, ladies.

Also, for those of us who didn’t have a plan for an after party, these next two weeks are a Counties miracle.

Get those decorations and themes set in stone. The after party is often anticipated more than the dance itself, anyway.

In the face of such distress, it isn’t easy to change your perspective and to ask yourself why the members of the Counties board postponed the dance. But try to just consider their concern and apprehension about sending thousands of juniors to Stamford in slush and ice on party buses. Try to imagine if that was in your hands, your responsibility, on your conscience.

Cliché as it is, I’d rather be safe than sorry.

That’s not to say I’m not disheartened by the postponement. Trust me, I’m just as tired of wearing my dress around the house as you are.

But the festivities can wait, and I think it will be worth it.