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Counties postponed, provokes conflict among students


On Friday, Jan. 23, the Counties Anniversary Charity Ball was postponed to Saturday, Feb. 7, due to the “very dangerous, snowy and icy conditions,” the assembly was anticipating.

“I’m pretty shocked that they would have the audacity to reschedule a dance as big as this the night before,” Trevor Rivkin ’16 said. “People have been planning dresses and parties around this date for months.”

Many students are finding themselves in financial dilemmas due to the rescheduling of the ball.

“Now everyone that rented dresses and suits will have to pay extra to keep their dresses for another two weeks. I speak for probably all of the Country attendees that I am pretty upset,” Rivkin said.

Some students are faced with a difficult decision to choose between. Junior State of America, JSA, has a Winter Congress trip the same weekend as the new date, February 7th, leaving students with difficult decisions on which event to attend.

“This JSA trip, as well as Counties, is not refundable so now I am forced to decide between the two,” Carolyn Van Arsdale ’16 said. “I paid at least two hundred dollars for counties and almost four hundred dollars for JSA.”

Another member of JSA, Harry Garber ’16 said, “I was looking forward to going to JSA, especially considering it was going to be my first time there, but at the same time there’s no way I’m missing counties.”

Other activities that juniors are involved in on the same day as counties include the ACTs, the cheerleading FCIAC competition, a robotics competition and a boys’ hockey game.

“It’s going to be really stressful now that not only counties, but the ACTs are on the same day. I don’t know how I’m going to concentrate,” Emily Eldh ’16 said.

However, the assembly explained on their website, “Our primary concern is for the safety of the students attending the Ball.”

“Although I’m really annoyed by this, no one can help it when freak coincidences unfold the way this has,” Rivkin said.

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Izzy Ullmann, Features Editor
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