An ode to the espadrille


Claire Lewin, Associate Managing Editor

This summer’s wardrobe was filled with all the classics—gladiator sandals, ripped-jean shorts, Ray Bans, bright jeans— but what made this summer’s style pop was the introduction of the espadrille.

If you haven’t heard of them, you’ve definitely seen them. They are close-toed, light, similar to loafers, and have been on just about everyone’s feet.

Espadrilles made an appearance in almost every designer collection—Valentino, Chanel, Kate Spade. Coming in a variety of designs, including lace, leather, and plaid, these shoes can fit any evening and any outfit.

Espadrilles were the perfect summer fashion because they were a departure from the usual. Although I love a good strappy sandal, I was tired of what has always been. Espadrilles gave my wardrobe the excitement and sophistication that it so desperately needed.

And although the closed-toed nature of espadrilles might suggest that it could stand the test of all seasons, the shoe has no place in winter or fall. Walking through the snow would only drench and ruin one’s espadrilles and wearing them in the midst of a sea of boots during fall would only make one seem out of place.

As summer comes to a close, it is time to put away this beloved shoe and say goodbye. Although we may never see them again, they will be remembered in pictures and through memories as the best summer trend of 2014.