“X-Men: Days of Future Past” makes me want to go back to the past


Photo Courtesy of MCT Campus

Sir Ian McKellen, who plays the older Magneto, in a scene from “X Men: Days of Future Past.”

I have seen all the “X-Men” movies. I became hooked on this Marvel Comics movie series after seeing “X-Men: First Class,” which was the prequel to the “X-Men” series. I have suffered with the characters, felt their emotions, and devoted hours to watching these films.

“X-Men: Days of Future Past” ruined everything, but in a good way.

Starring Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine, James McAvoy as the young Charles Xavier, Michael Fassbender as the young Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto), Nicholas Hoult as young Hank (Beast) and Jennifer Lawrence as Raven (Mystique), the old Charles Xavier and the old Magneto (Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen) and other mutants work together to send Wolverine back to 1973 to stop the production of Sentinels, which are robots designed to kill mutants.

The acting was awesome. Lawrence showed great emotion throughout the film, with her character’s anger and despair being key elements to the storyline.

In addition, the special effects were not cheesy at all. And who wouldn’t be amused looking at a world in the 1970’s? I got a kick looking at the old fashion and old technology.

However, the ending is what bothers me. The ending sums things up well, and I won’t give too much away. Despite that, the ending makes me feel frustrated that I watched all those older “X-Men” films because, now that Wolverine changed the past, it’s like as if nothing that I’ve seen ever happened.

To me, at least, it was obvious the director was setting up for more “X-Men” movies to come. I can guarantee that, even though I’m frustrated with the ending, I’ll be first in line to buy the tickets.