Four new bands electrify the Toquet Hall stage

Four new bands electrify the Toquet Hall stage

The room, a bit shabby with walls covered in student artwork, is dark. The dim spotlight shining on the messy stage is the only lighting in the room. Three band members tramp all over the stage, preparing for their set.

“Check, check, hello? Dairy Queen, popsicles, blizzards, crossword puzzles,” lead singer Joe Humeas said into the microphone as his band Nobody Yet readied themselves.

Teens are crowded around the three tiny tables in the center of the room, grandparents sit to the side on a ratty couch as they wait for their grandchild to perform in the second set. Another band stands by the wall side by side, arms crossed, piercings and tattoos crawling down their arms.

The room quiets, the men take their places on stage. Humeas in front with a guitar and microphone. Ryan Hansen behind him on bass, and Matt Zavorski on drums in the back.

A pop punk band from Philadelphia, Nobody Yet began in 2008 and are known for a wild show. They headbang and jump all over, Humeas every so often running off stage and around the room. They have a newly released full-length album, “Say Your Goodbyes” on iTunes and Spotify.

The next band to play, Fighting Static, from Fairfield actually contains Bedford’s own, Mr. Rexford’s son, Chris Rexford, as keys and guitar. He and his other bandmates, Jarred Hahn as vocals, K.C. Maloney as lead guitar, Chrissy Garvey as bass, Brian Gaugher as tenor saxaphone, and Braden Machia as drums, joined together in 2012 as an alt.-rock band and had the room filled with parents, teens, and even grandparents.

The next two rock bands to play, Logan’s Run and Ula Ruth, were both fantastic yet they played to a sadly empty room.  Only a few teenagers were left to enjoy these two bands, but afterwards the fans did have the chance to talk with the both bands.

For upcoming shows as awesome as these, check the Toquet schedule and look out for Coffeehouse Night on Nov. 9th.