Scotty McCreery’s “The Trouble With Girls”: A Quick Review

Rose Propp, Staff Writer

Everybody knows how it feels to have a song stuck in his or her head. When there’s a lull in the conversation, you begin to sing it. If you’re walking in the hallway alone, you hum it to yourself. This is exactly the effect that Scotty McCreery’s new song “The Trouble With Girls” had on me after listening to it just once.

The music video for the American Idol runner up’s latest single is set in a high school, with kids passing notes and putting books in their lockers between classes. First of all, in my whole entire experience at Staples High School I have not once gone to my personal locker for any reason whatsoever, and I have never seen anyone in the past three years passing notes that discuss how cute a boy is or who a person has a crush on. It just doesn’t happen.

Scotty McCreery, who happens to be the star of the music video, looks like he should be in middle school, not discussing “the trouble with girls.”

This brings me to my next point. At the end of the chorus, the artist claims that, “the trouble with girls is nobody loves trouble as much as me.” Cool, Scotty! An extremely original song about how you love everything about girls. Too bad you didn’t win American Idol — this song would have been big!

I’m joking.

“The Trouble With Girls” is neither interesting nor pleasant to listen to. Rather, it is a repetitive and annoying song that, in all honesty, I never want to hear again.

However, despite all of my negative feedback, I suppose I need to shed some light on at least one positive aspect of the song. If it was stuck in my head within two minutes of me hearing it, then it must have some redeeming qualities. Although he looks extremely young, Scotty McCreery’s voice is pretty fantastic and very professional-sounding. I would even compare him to a Tim McGraw type artist, which in the country music world is a very positive comparison.

Overall, though, I really don’t like this song.