Winter sports athletes respond to CIAC announcement


Picture contributed by Nicole Holmes ’21

The girls’ basketball team finished their 2019-2020 season with an overall record of 18-2. After losing five seniors, this team has been working hard this off season to have another dominant season.

Jess Leon ’22

In a year full of uncertainties, the athletes of Staples High School hoped their sports season would carry on as normal. But the CIAC recently announced their decision to postpone winter sports until Jan. 19. This is due to the rise of COVID-19 cases in Connecticut and many towns being classified as red zones.
The boys’ wrestling has been impacted by this news. As wrestling is a close contact sport, the CIAC categorizes it as a high risk. Nick Augeri ’22, wrestling captain, emphasizes the team’s desire to wrestle.
“We just want to wrestle. As hard as it is to stay hopeful, we are trying to stay positive,” Augeri said. “As much as wrestling is an individual sport, we are coming together as a team.”
Girls’ basketball is also adjusting to the news of their season being pushed back. After not being able to play in last year’s CIAC semi-finals or championship game, this team is more than ready to dominate this season. Nicole Holmes ’21, agrees with the latest update.
“Even though it’s so hard not accepting the situation […] the most important thing is keeping everything safe,” Holmes said.
In order for the basketball season to be played, the players will wear masks at all times, and there will be more rules put in place to ensure safety. This is not stopping Holmes and her teammates from being hopeful.
“We all knew that the winter was going to be the most challenging time,” Holmes said. “But I have no doubt that our administration and FCIAC will try their absolute hardest to keep everyone safe.”
Holmes’ opinion differs from boys’ basketball captain’ Derek Sale ’22.
“I strongly disagree with the newest update,” Sale said. “I have been playing AAU basketball all summer and there have been no problems with COVID-19.”
Another example of a winter sport team being affected by the news is the track team. Captain Dean Moro ’21 is also feeling disappointment after hearing the news. The senior class, like Moro, is struggling between watching some of their season vanish in front of their eyes but also recognizing that safety is most important. In order to stay safe, the track team will be making a big change. They are planning on cutting the team to roughly 40 kids total. Yet, Moro still looks forward to their season and continues to prepare and work hard.
“This season will certainly look different,” Moro said, “but we’re willing to do whatever it takes to have any season at all.”