Halloran skates into head coach position for boys’ ice hockey team

Halloran skates into head coach position for boys’ ice hockey team

Lexie Moskovit '21

Between waiting on tables in the summer, working at his father’s accounting firm and coaching the Connecticut Chiefs ice hockey team, Charles Halloran is already juggling multiple jobs. But this upcoming 2018-2019 hockey season will add even more to his plate. Halloran was recently promoted to head coach of the Staples boys’ ice hockey team from assistant coach last year. And he is up for the challenge.

“I am looking forward to not only showcasing my coaching abilities, but being able to promote the hockey team throughout the school and the state of Connecticut, ” Halloran said.

Halloran’s hockey experience is extensive: he competed in junior hockey with the Norwich Icebreakers, played hockey throughout high school and followed that by skating with the Eastern Connecticut State University club hockey team.

Because Halloran was assistant coach last season, many players already feel a strong connection with him. “The returning varsity kids are very adjusted to Coach Charles both on and off the ice so I think our relationship with him will only grow stronger now that he has the full reigns,” Luke Welch ’19 said.

This season Halloran is looking to encourage watching film, taking notes and having small player meetings to discuss season goals and how the team is going to react to various situations on the ice. Halloran sees this as the key to success and bringing back home a championship trophy.

“We are going to be a strong, smart, fast team that will have a lot of success controlling the puck,” Halloran said.

Halloran first came to Staples because he played for the old head coach, Chris Avena, while he was in high school. Halloran reconnected five years ago with Avena when Halloran first began coaching and Avena offered him the position of assistant coach just last year. When Avena left in the summer to become the head coach at North Haven, Halloran was promoted to head coach in his place.

“I am excited to have the new coach this year because I feel the change will only bring good things for our team,” Ethan Hynes ’19 said.

The team hopes to make it back to the Whale at Yale for the state championships and win it this year. While Halloran has his sights set on bringing home a championship this year, he also wants to give the boys a fun learning environment where they can succeed on and off the ice. In addition, he wants to continue to build the program into a strong and competitive team.

“This will be a very exciting season,” Halloran said, “ I think we are going to surprise many people.”