StretchLab Westport strives to improve flexibility for all


Photo by Amanda Rowan '22

On Aug. 26, StretchLab Westport officially opened, hoping to make a welcoming environment for all.

Amanda Rowan '20, Staff Writer

Feeling sore from that morning workout, tired from those long work hours, or just need a muscle relaxation? StretchLab Westport will do the job. With over 50 stores nationwide, a new location recently opened on Post Road East in Westport on Aug. 26, 2019. 

StretchLab works to make stretching an inclusive place for all body types and people, as well as help individuals improve their flexibility and range of motion. 

With three different types of classes, StretchLab is able to fulfill everyone’s wants and needs. Whether it’s 25 or 50 minutes of a one-on-one stretch, or a group stretch, there’s a place for everyone. 

Jodie Richetelle, store manager and flexologist, shared what a group class stretch consists of. 

“The group classes are groups of  three to five people, and they’re all on the tables with stretch out straps,” Richetelle said. “The flexologist instructs them on what to do.” 

The group stretches are more common for people who want a group atmosphere and are already flexible. However, the variety of classes allow all individuals to find what’s best for them. 

In Fairfield county, there are other stores that specialize in assisted stretching, but one feature of StrechLab that allows them to stand out from their competitors is their hours. 

Our flexologists also meet the highest standards of any place I’m aware of in the industry.”

— Andy Hicks, store owner

“We are available 82 hours a week, that’s not true of everybody else,” Andy Hicks, store owner, said. “Our flexologists also meet the highest standards of any place I’m aware of in the industry.” 

StretchLab works with all types of people, no matter their age or abilities. Many athletes tend to go to StretchLab in order to keep their bodies healthy. 

“I think StretchLab is a great way to ensure that athletes are properly taking care of their bodies,” Jess Mysel՚23 said. “As someone who plays three sports, I definitely hope to go there throughout the year.” 

Most people don’t realize how much they are moving around throughout the day. It’s important to feel good, and stretching can definitely help. 

“It’s a really underutilized wellness strategy,” Hicks said. “It’s a really easy way to feel better.”